Firepower deluxe game rom deutsch

Here is my attempt to make one of the greatest pinballs better....:
A custom game rom version with some new rules and some new speech...

You have 4 game roms and two speech roms:

Replace all game roms.

Replace one existing speech rom (IC6) and add one speech rom (IC4)
I didn't record any new speech, I rearrange the existing speech phrases.

The following game roms will ony work with a system 7 board or the new replacement board (look here
I need the additional game rom (an additional 2716 chip) and ram space a system 7 board support.

New rules (part one):

Four Missions:
The origional rule states:
Lighting "Fire" and "Power" scores and increases "Fire Power" Bonus Value
The key change is after "fire" and "power" are lit, a challenge (called mission) has to be completed in order to receive the "Firepower" Bonus.

Mission start: A mission will start if you complete "fire" and "power". Look here to see a mission start on my pinball. There is a quick show of the mission number and the speech "mission one", "mission two", "mission three" or "enemy mission" and a wipe up of all playfield lights. Then the normal lights returns and then the timer countdown starts.
A sucessful mission will use the normal flash sequence of "firepower" and will advance the firepowerbonus and the speech "firepower".
An uncessful mission (timer is 0 or one balls is lost) will result in unlight of "fire" and "power" and no firepower bonus and the speech "enemy won".

Start out with all 3 "Fire Power" bonus value lights (10,000 30,000 and 50,000) turned off.
A part of the adjustment# 33 is disabled.

During challenge mode:
The orange targets accepts hits (scores 1000 points) but their inserts will not lit.
The same for the power targets.
An "extraball when lit" lamp(after completing 6 or 5 times F-I-R-E) will be stored after the challenge.

The missions:

First mission:
Hit a moving center (1-6) target.
All center targets are dark and one moving light target must be hit.
Mission time 20 second

Second Mission:
Hit a moving power target
All power targets are dark and one moving light target must be hit.
Mission time 25 second

Third mission:
Hit two moving center targets (1-3, 4-6)
All center targets are dark and two light targets (moving between 1-3 and moving 4-6) must be hit.
Mission time 30 second

Forth mission:
Hit center target (between the bumpers)
Light (10'000,30'000,50'000 firepowerbonus) pulsing ascending.
Mission time 30 second

Special thanks to mjmmx for the design of the firepower missions and the concept.

New rules (part two):

Spinner skill shoot:
When the ball is in the shooter lane, the spinner arrow will flash a short time (10 seconds)
If you hit the spinner during this time, the spinner will score 5'000 points
Firepower multiball and award sequence:
1) Multiball starts. "Fire 1... Fire 2... Fire 3..." (as normal).
2) Middle stand up target banks are reset (all strobing)
3) Player must hit all 6 standups. Accomplishing this enables all three locks (green "lock" arrows are flashing) and throws in an uncalled sound effect to signal for next step.
4) Player must shoot the 3 balls *back* into the enabled lock holes during multiball to score the 600'000 point award. CPU makes speech call: "Mission Accomplished".
5) Multiball restarts (back to step #1)

These two ideas are from Marcel.
The coin specific settings are removed, you get 1 credit for the left or right coinslot and 4 credits for the center coin slot. The coin counters are also disabled.

Different game roms versions:
7 digit display (use 7 digt displays) and 6 digit display (normal configuration, expect the system 7 board)

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