Fathom 2 / New rulesheet deutsch

Here are the new fathom rules:

Skill Plunger Shot
When a new ball is served (normal or extraball, not multiball) a - b - c will change automatically. The lane change button is disabled. When you hit the lit letter a - b - c will be given. If you hit another letter only this letter is given. Now the lane change works normally. The lane change also works normally if any other point is scored. The two 50 k arrows are light after successful skill shot. Dip switch 24 has no function, because for a new ball always one letter is lit.

The following speech phrases are used:
"air supply gone" : When extraball is lit and you don't get it after 6 or 12 seconds.
"Air gone": If you lose one ball during multiball.
"The trap is set" if you start a game and no ball is locked, otherwise "seanymphs await" (first player)
"Aahh!" if you start a game (second player)
"Aahh, yes!" if you start a game (third and forth player)

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